Frequently Asked Questions

What does the [S] mean at the end of some Gift Baskets??

The [S] means Shipping Required.

These baskets come from our affiliate company centrally located for quickest delivery across the US.  Ship time to Las Vegas is about 3 days.  If you order before noon on Monday, will arrive by afternoon Wednesday.  We also offer hand delivery of these baskets for a small additional cost.

When can you deliver same day?

With few exceptions, if you’re able to place your order by noon, we can delivery later that afternoon/evening.  This does not include baskets requiring shipping.

If a basket requires shipping (has the [S]), can I still get hand delivery in Las Vegas?

Yes!  When selecting the basket, there is an option to request hand delivery.  If check YES, there is a flat $10.00 charge for this.  The basket will be shipped to our location.  We will remove from the box and freshen it up and hand delivery the same day it was received in the mail.

What sets you apart from other Gift Basket company's?

Good question!

Please read our About Us and information about us here.

I placed an order for a local delivery basket (no [S]). Now what?

We will email you to confirm we received the order and let you know when we

will be able to deliver it.  Once it is delivered, you will get a confirmation email.

I placed an order for a basket that requires shipping ([S]). Now what?

We will email you when the basket is being processed, then when it is shipped,

let you know with a shipping tracking number if available.

If I order online, do you store my credit card info?

Absolutely not!

First, we only use that is fully secure and encrypted.

Second, we do NOT save any of your credit card / billing information.

Can I pay you over the phone instead of online?


During checkout, select "Phone Order" and we will contact you to get the payment information

over the phone.

What kind of customization can you offer?

For all baskets not having a [S], we can fully customize to your needs.

Please let us know what you’re looking for and we will work with you designing

that perfect basket!

Baskets WITH a [S] can also be customized, but require shipping to our shop first, then can do hand delivery if going to local Las Vegas.

Can you do large corporate orders?

YES!  We specialize in large orders for corporate events.

We can handle your year-end holiday employee gifting and ship baskets nationwide.

If planning a company event or expo in Las Vegas, we will deliver free to your location.

We will also customize the basket to match any color theme you need.

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